Thursday, April 19, 2018
CrossOver on Chrome OS Beta

How To Run Windows Apps On Your Chromebook

Please note that this works only on Chromebooks/Chromeboxs which run Android 5.0 or later with x86 processors! Since its appearance, Chrome OS has been noted...
Task Manager

How To Open & Use Chrome’s Built-In Task Manager

The Google Chrome browser features a task manager that allows you to view the CPU, network and memory usage of each open tab, Google...
printing from a chromebook

Print from Chromebook easier with Android

Printing from a Chromebook it has never been easier! In this article we'll cover the aspects of printing, a tutorial of how to print...
Chrome OS keyboard shortcuts

5 Chrome OS keyboard shortcuts you should know

Keyboard shortcuts not only help you get the job done more easily, but also more quickly. Here is a list of some of the...
Night Mode

The latest experimental build of Chrome OS includes a Night Mode

Many of you probably know that Android 7.0 includes a Night Mode feature which diminishes the blue light on your screen to help you...
Chromebook Tricks, Chromebook

5 Chromebook Tricks That You Do Not Know

When it comes to personal computers, notebooks are the most common. And when we talk about notebooks, we can not exclude Chromebooks. These come...
Print Screen Chromebook

How to Print Screen on a Chromebook

Print Screen Chromebook - Chrome OS devices are great if all you want is a cheap good machine to browse the internet and a...
Chrome OS

Chrome OS vs Windows: 5 Reasons Why Chrome OS Is Better Than Windows

Some problematic questions: is Chrome OS better than Windows? Is it still worth it? Why should I use it? Questions like these have determined writing...