Samsung Chromebook Pro, Preview

When it comes to Samsung Chromebook Pro, performance and portability are the two words that defines it. According to Samsung, this Chromebook can adapt to your current activity.

Whether you read a book, play a game or reply to messages for Samsung Chromebook Pro is the same thing. With its stunning Quad HD rotating screen, made of durable Gorilla Glass 3, provides support and convenience for all the activities you need.

In addition to the 360 ° rotating screen, it also has a built-in pen that can be used to sketch, take notes, etc. Its power, combined with a 10-hour battery life, makes it one of the best chromebooks available today.

In my opinion, Samsung Chromebook Pro is an innovative model. Samsung took care that everything was impeccable, from design to components, so this great device would leave a good impression to the user.

All these things emphasize the slogan of Pro: “Where performance and portability meet”.

Samsung Chromebook Pro & Its Charming Design

Samsung Chromebook Pro, Design

Samsung Chromebook Pro, Design

Samsung Chromebook Pro, Design

Hardware Features

It is equipped with an Intel® Core ™ m3 6Y30 (2.2Ghz) processor, 4GB of RAM and 32GB of storage space, Samsung considering it is enough. It also features a 12.3″ LED Display (2400 x 1600) with touchscreen and a 3:2 aspect ration.

Like any other Chromebook, it uses Chrome OS and can run Android apps very easily. Moreover, it includes: built-in wireless antenna, Bluetooth (4.1) and 10-hour battery life.

While most chromebooks have a simple keyboard with normal keycaps, the island-style keyboard on the Pro has curved keycaps.


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