Thursday, April 19, 2018
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Chrome OS vs Windows: 5 Reasons Why Chrome OS Is Better Than Windows

Chrome OS
Some problematic questions: is Chrome OS better than Windows? Is it still worth it? Why should I use it? Questions like these have determined writing an Chrome OS vs Windows article. Introduction Well, we've been asking ourselves these questions too, so we tried to find some answers. Also, we even found. With solid arguments, today we will present 5 reasons why Chrome OS...

Chrome OS vs Linux: What is the best choice?

Chrome OS vs Linux
Chrome OS vs Linux: Once you get into this world of Chromebooks, there's more and more informations that you need to keep in mind. You've probably all heard about Linux, a simple, without risks operating system with also a friendly interface. Chrome OS vs Linux: Differences Well, in this article we will see the differences, the similarities and the final conclusions regarding...

Chromebox – All You Need To Know About It

HP Chromebox, Chrome OS
A Chromebox can be defined as a personal computer running Chrome OS. Introduced in May 2012, this device is a desktop alternative for Chromebooks. It can also be classified as a small form-factor PC. Functionality Chromeboxes, like all the other devices that use the Chrome OS, support web applications, being a device dependent on an Internet connection. This addiction makes possible software...

About Chromebook – What is Chromebook?

About Chromebook If you have reached this site, you probably know what a Chromebook is, but there are people who probably do not know. To give you a main idea, a Chromebook is a laptop, but a little different. Why do I say that? Because this type of laptop has only one operating system, namely Chrome OS. These devices are...

Chrome OS – Presentation: What is Google Chrome OS?

Chrome OS
An operating system that uses the Linux kernel and the Google Chrome interface. This was the vision of Google when designing Chrome OS. The idea of such an operating system grew in July 2009, but the first Chromebook (a laptop running Chrome OS) was launched just in May 2011 and will be marketed since July. Features Features that mark the user...