Thursday, April 19, 2018
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Samsung Chromebook Pro – Performance & Portability

Samsung Chromebook Pro, Preview
When it comes to Samsung Chromebook Pro, performance and portability are the two words that defines it. According to Samsung, this Chromebook can adapt to your current activity. Whether you read a book, play a game or reply to messages for Samsung Chromebook Pro is the same thing. With its stunning Quad HD rotating screen, made of durable Gorilla Glass 3, provides...

How to Print Screen on a Chromebook

Print Screen Chromebook
Print Screen Chromebook - Chrome OS devices are great if all you want is a cheap good machine to browse the internet and a few other things. However, for those who are used to Windows or other operating systems it can take a while to find out everything they need to know about this new OS. One of the...

Samsung Chromebook Pro is available on Amazon

Samsung Chromebook Pro
Samsung Chromebook Pro - Part laptop and part tablet, this is one of the few Chromebooks that gives you the best of both worlds. It is a 360-degree hybrid and the only device that runs Chrome OS and has stylus support. Weighing only 2.38 pounds (1.08 kg), it is clear that you can take this all-metal laptop anywhere with...

Top 5: Best Chromebooks under $200: The Cheapest chromebook

The cheapest chromebook
The cheapest chromebook - If you are looking for the best cheap Chromebook, you should know that some of them even go as low as $180. Of course, they aren’t the same in terms of productivity as a Windows laptop, but they can handle very well all basic everyday activities, such as browsing, watching movies, editing texts and photos...

Google Home vs Amazon Echo: Which Is Better?

Google Home, Google Home vs Amazon Echo
For who he does not know, Google Home is the new smart speaker launched by Google. Their desire was to create a device that can compete with Amazon Echo, and ours is to write an Google Home vs Amazon Echo article full of transparency. "A smart speaker is a type of wireless speaker and smart device that utilizes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth...

Top 5: Best Chromebox in 2017: Which is the best Chromebox

Best Chromebox
Best Chromebox - If you are looking for a cheap desktop and you are online most of the time, a Chromebox it’s one of the best solutions available. It is practically the desktop version of a Chromebook, a computer that runs Chrome OS. Here are some of the best Chromeboxes available on the market right now. 1. ASUS Chromebox M004U - Best Chromebox This...

Chromebit: Turn Any HDMI Display Into A Computer

Chromebit, Asus
This is not the first time when Google surprises the IT world with its inventions. Chromebit is one of these inventions that revolutionized, but also impressed at the same time, even since its launch. Introducing Chromebit After Chromebox and Chromebook, Google has reinvented itself. This time with a much smaller and compact device called Chromebit, with the purpose of transforming any monitor...

Top 5: Best Chromebooks in 2017: Which is the best Chromebook

Best Chromebooks
Best Chromebooks - If you are looking for an affordable laptop, but you don’t need a lot of extra features, a chromebook might be the best solution. It’s true that they aren’t as productive as Windows computers, but they get the job done and that’s enough for most people who use the PC as a gateway to the Internet. Some...

Top 5 Chromebook Games You Might Like

Chromebook, Chromebook Games
Top 5 Chromebook Games You Might Like: The Chromebook/Chromebox games range is quite limited. That's why we've searched and collected the best games and ranked them in a top just for you. Before reading the content, please note that the games listed here are secure, totally free and can be played on any device that has the Chrome OS....

Top 5 Chrome OS Apps You Need To Try

Top 5 Chrome OS Apps You Need To Try: As you know from previous articles, Chromebooks are no longer just compatible with web-only applications or Chrome extensions. Chrome OS Apps Now things have changed for the better and Chromebooks have access to a wide range of desktop applications. Specifically, they have access to Google Play and therefore to all apps. However,...