HP Chromebox, Chrome OS

A Chromebox can be defined as a personal computer running Chrome OS. Introduced in May 2012, this device is a desktop alternative for Chromebooks. It can also be classified as a small form-factor PC.


Chromeboxes, like all the other devices that use the Chrome OS, support web applications, being a device dependent on an Internet connection. This addiction makes possible software functionality and data storage in Google Drive.


The Chromebox market is a large one, and there are also the top manufacturers in the IT industry that make up such devices. Among these producers are: Asus, Samsung, Dell, etc.

The price at which this device is sold is between $179 and $999, depending on its configuration.

The First Chromebox

The first Chromebox released was owned by Samsung, launched in May 2012, using a dual-core Intel Celeron Processor 867 (1.3 GHz). It also had six USB 2.0 ports, 4GB RAM memory and two DisplayPort ++ slots suitable for VGA, DVI and HDMI.

Samsung Chromebox, Chrome OS


Concluding some aspects of this device, but at the same time presenting new ones, all you need to remember is that it is:

  • small & slim;
  • simple & compact;
  • secure, safe and based on account access;
  • an excellent photo organizer & backup assistant;
  • a great support for web applications (since it uses Chrome OS);

Small & slim? Simple & compact? How so?

Small and slim as shape, which is freely visible. Simply by simply installing it, which takes no more than a few minutes. In other words, you just have to attach a monitor, a keyboard and a mouse then turn it on, and you’ll be on the Internet, as I said, in just a few minutes.


You should consider purchasing such a device. Any model you choose, I want you to know that is the right choice. This well-designed system should do everything you need, maybe even more.


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