About Chromebook

If you have reached this site, you probably know what a Chromebook is, but there are people who probably do not know. To give you a main idea, a Chromebook is a laptop, but a little different. Why do I say that? Because this type of laptop has only one operating system, namely Chrome OS. These devices are made to work only with Internet connection, since all the documents, apps and programs are stored in Cloud. For this reason, they have less internal memory, and the price is also lower.

Now, let’s find out if a Chromebook is suitable for you

As I said, this type of laptop is running Chrome OS. Therefore, you need to have a Google Account for a better experience. Than, you need to know that Chromebooks are optimised mainly for apps like Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Drive, etc. So, if you are accustomed to use apps like Yahoo, AIM or others, you’ll have to adjust yourself a bit. Also, programs like Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Office are not available on Chromebook, but you can use online version for the most, although it’s not the same experience. However, more recently, these devices have access to a wide range of Android applications.

About Chromebook

More details (availability for games, the batery, software specifications, etc)

You can run many types of games on Chromebook, but mainly those from Chrome Web Store and Google Play. Regarding battery, most models have quite good autonomy, for up to 13 hours in normal conditions of use.

I finally came to the specifications where I have to tell you that you can’t be disappointed. They are perfectly made for “Net Browsing”, such that they can’t be compared to an advanced laptop. Usually, they come with 2 GB RAM memory, a Intel Celeron 3216U processor with 1.7 GHz and 16 GB internal memory. Of course, there are much better models, but so it looks a “simple one”.

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