Chrome OS vs Linux
Chrome OS vs Linux

Chrome OS vs Linux: Once you get into this world of Chromebooks, there’s more and more informations that you need to keep in mind. You’ve probably all heard about Linux, a simple, without risks operating system with also a friendly interface.

Chrome OS vs Linux: Differences

Well, in this article we will see the differences, the similarities and the final conclusions regarding these operating systems.

First of all, we also had some introductory discussions about Chromebooks, and if you haven’t seen the article, you can see it here, because it’s very helpful. Now, let’s see.
The biggest difference between Chromebooks and any Linux distribution it’s the installation process.

Why do I say that? See you, a Linux distribution can be installed on any type of computer or laptop while the Chrome OS is limited to a very few models. So, if you want to switch your OS when and how you want, a Chromebook isn’t for you and you should choose Linux.

Chrome OS vs Linux: Functionality And Usage

A disadvantage in using Linux operating system is, as you can figure out, the preparations of system after installation. It’s quite difficult to set up the network, the resolution, the drivers and the properly updates, here being totally in favor of Chromebooks.

With a Chromebook, you don’t need to make so many things, because Chrome OS will do it for you. If you are just a simple user who want just to browse on Internet, that’s indeed for you.


Chrome OS vs Linux: Desktop And Options

Both Linux and Chrome OS provide a simplistic desktop, but we also have some differences. Here, the most important difference is that a distribution of Linux offers you a very simple power management options and also offers you the option to choose a screensaver.

On the other side, you don’t have to do so many actions, the updates are “behind the scenes” and usability is very easy.

In conclusion, if you are not a geek PC user and you don’t want to have trouble with updates, drivers, etc., Linux is not for you, so choose a Chromebook to make your life easier.



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