Chrome OS
Chrome OS

An operating system that uses the Linux kernel and the Google Chrome interface. This was the vision of Google when designing Chrome OS. The idea of such an operating system grew in July 2009, but the first Chromebook (a laptop running Chrome OS) was launched just in May 2011 and will be marketed since July.


Features that mark the user experience include: integrated media player & file manager, improved security than on other operating system and the fact that is partially developed under the open source Chromium OS, which means developers can modify the code and build their own versions. The only difference between the two is that Chromium OS is not automatically updated to the latest version, as is the first one.

More Features

Access to remote applications and virtual desktop access is another aspect to be discussed when it comes to this operating system. That’s why “Chromoting” appeared, the unofficial technology that allows remote access, very similar to Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Connection. After a while, the name was changed to “Chrome Remote Desktop”.


In December 2010, at a press conference, Google representatives said “Chrome OS would be the most secure consumer operating system due in part to a verified boot ability, in which the initial boot code, stored in read-only memory, checks for system compromises”.


Chrome OS
Chrome OS

Chrome apps has been the effect of encouraging developers by Google to create apps. The latest applications are made using JavaScript, HTML5, CSS & Adobe Shockwave. With the desire to innovate, Google launched in September 2014 App Runtime for Chrome, which allows the adaptation of various Android apps to run on Chrome OS.

The conclusion about Chrome OS

It’s an operating system that gives you a simple, fast and enjoyable use. Chromebooks do a great job, since they come with the preinstalled system, and they are suitable for business people, passionate, for those who work in the educational, etc. Also, at the same time, it is an alternative to tablets, a pretty cheap one.



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