Thursday, April 19, 2018
CrossOver on Chrome OS Beta

How To Run Windows Apps On Your Chromebook

Please note that this works only on Chromebooks/Chromeboxs which run Android 5.0 or later with x86 processors! Since its appearance, Chrome OS has been noted...

Amazon Music App Now Supports Chromecast

It is well known that Amazon and Google have a high rivalry. The fact that the Amazon Music App has begun to support Chromecast...
Most useful Chromebook apps

Top 5: Most useful Chromebook apps

Most useful Chromebook apps - If you’ve just bought a Chromebook you’re probably wondering what apps you should install first. We can’t say for...
Chromebook, Chromebook Games

Top 5 Chromebook Games You Might Like

Top 5 Chromebook Games You Might Like: The Chromebook/Chromebox games range is quite limited. That's why we've searched and collected the best games...

Top 5 Chrome OS Apps You Need To Try

Top 5 Chrome OS Apps You Need To Try: As you know from previous articles, Chromebooks are no longer just compatible with web-only applications...
Chrome OS vs Linux

Chrome OS vs Linux: What is the best choice?

Chrome OS vs Linux: Once you get into this world of Chromebooks, there's more and more informations that you need to keep in mind....
Chrome OS

Chrome OS – Presentation: What is Google Chrome OS?

An operating system that uses the Linux kernel and the Google Chrome interface. This was the vision of Google when designing Chrome OS. The...